Friday, September 14, 2012

Hi, it has been a long time I did not update my blog.
This few weeks, I am so busy with my study. 
Lots of works and events happened in the college. By the way, I already get used to it. Time flies and I have been spending my time here almost three years. Things happened and changed. 
Okay, what should I write actually. Or what do I want to tell then? Alright. Let's talk about something aspiring. Last Monday, my class were incharged for the assembly and the theme was "kemerdekaan". So, I was asked to prepare multimedia presentation. The video taken was good and the response was awesome. Praises were here and there. We felt so glad to hear that especially from our beloved lecturers. Well, actually I did not do much for the video. I just download the video and passed to my frenz to do the editing. Thanks a lot for the awesome video and congrats to all who participated in the video making. It is indeed nice then!
On that day too, a special story was shared by our lecturer. She mentioned this guy in the assemble. She showed a presentation about him, Muhamad Hafiz Bin Ismail .What is so special about him? I am so inspiring after heard about him. He is the role model for all of us. He is a newly graduate teacher. A young man who serves in a rural school in Perlis. He is just a normal guy who ambitious to be a good teacher. He started his teaching career at 2010. He is a mathematics teacher. So, again, what's soooo special about him then? He wins a number of awards from pur prime minister and achieves several personal achievement through his blog. He is a BLOGGER! Yeah, he is. So, he got known to everyone through his blog. He begins his blog since he was in secondary school. He is so active in his blog and almost undate everyday. 
Unlike other fancy blogs that some ppl do, his blog is mostly talks on his teaching career and life.His feelings and experiences on teaching. Not only that, he does share his creative teaching ideas. He is creative indeed! I watched how he taught the students in rural area who have low language proficiency level to remember the days and months by using "dikir barat" chanting. They can chant it and they enjoy it actually.

Due to the lack of resource in the school, Hafiz does everything for his pupils. He made the teaching aids by himself. Although, there is a limited access of teaching and learning resources, it does not wash away his spirit to teach the pupils. His hard work, his sincerity and commitment are there which WE CAN SEE, WE CAN FEEL. He is really a product of teacher institute, a good one, a quality one. So, who say IPG can't produce qualified educators? 
 In fact, everyone of us can be "Hafiz" . Just that, we need to take action. An action towards successful. Even a little step will make different. No one of us should be underestimated. Eveyone has their won talents and potential. Just that, we need to discover ourselves and take actions. Do not just talk over  paper but do something that can show to everyone. and Hafiz has did it! He proved it and Your story is inspiring and motivating us. Keep your work,Hafiz. AND all the best to everyone in pursuing our dreams. 
*Here is the link directed to his blog:

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