Friday, March 20, 2015


These days, I hv no more thinking about you. I am happier than before and I am back!

I wish I will always be happy.....

I am back to,

FANGIRLING. Lolx. Currently, is attracted to a national badminton player which game in men doubles. I just watched his match last week and wish to see him playing more (Malaysia Open 31 March).Hope one day, I will have the chance to watch him playing live and take a pic with him. ^_^. #tanweekiong

Left: Tan Wee Kiong Right: Goh V Shem



Second thing is....... I need to cut down my weight!>.<'. Dun be mad, I know am thin =P, but I have fat aka calories to burn. Looking at my tummy seriously makes me sad and worried about myself. Feeling discomfortable with the "buncit" and guess what,  I no more need my belt each time wearing jeans and pants! Oh my~~~This is really SURPRISING me! How could I gained so much weight in a short time!!!!! >.<"... Okay, to solve this answer, I need to work out, no, FORCE myself to work out!!!And....this is DISCIPLINARY. Training myself to work hard, persistant and NEVER GIVE UP. #nomorebellyfat



Lastly, I want to be a better me. I want to invest myself and LOVE myself more than everyone does. Thank you God for blessing me and sometimes, I think YOU have gave me more than I deservd. Thank You and may God bless ALL the good people in the world. Protect them and Love them. #grateful#positive






Wednesday, March 4, 2015


i have had enough of letting myself down because of you. I have had enough of heartbreaking that makes me feeling like dying. And i have had enough to please you.


As days passed, i realised how foolish was I. Putting so much trust on you and you and you and you, broke it. I have had enough of this stupid thinking. Thinking that  maybe I might nt good enough for you, but instead, I am much better than you in every thing i do. God let us meet, but maybe never ask us to fall for each other, or maybe, you never fall into this trap. and yes, I did. Thank you for everything and I will erase your name in my life. For me, no one will have the privilege to stay. I tried to convince myself that everything can be back to normal but no. A BIG NO!!!!So, I will just end it and goodbye.