Wednesday, April 15, 2015

This post is dedicated to......

Today is a special day. A special day for a lady. (I think she love to be called lady than girl.) Who has being live in this world for 23 years. A special friend of mine who always be my side whenever I need her. (Of coz there's time when I just put her aside. ps:please dun get mad.) I am truly grateful to have her in my life at least for the past 5 and a half years and I wish for last til the end. I know this may sound silly or even hilarious to her (even when am writing this, i feel different) hahaha. Not to confess but just wanted to say something to you, about my best friend, Miss Jenny Lu. She is the youngest in our class but owes mingle with the elders, including me. If you ask me, what is the best part of her, I would answer, because she is my best friend. hahaha. Dun laugh,it is true! I think everyone knows me quite well. The ways I am and even sometime I am also get frustrated with myself. My hot temper and owes with the "Yes-No" button switch on and off.  Along the path, she is the one who stay and back to me (or maybe m her only friend?hahaha) Perhaps not. We are different in our ways. She is an outgoing person (looked like one) and very good in making friends. While, I am the opposite. She is a good speaker (not in Mandarin) and love talking! Seriously, she is chatty! I always tell her about that, and sometime i just can't stand with it and shouted "you are very noisy lar". then in fact of shutting up, she will answer you" If i really quiet, then you now m not ok, rite?" So, I go speechless. So, this is one of the funny parts of us. When we know that, we are not perfect to each other and might appeared annoying especially when we argued over something with different opinions. We might fight (orally) but in the end, everything goes back to normal. This is the part that i love the most about us. You are always be there.
I am not going to tell you the whole story about us. It is not the end, the middle, but it is just the beginning. I wish our friendship will stay last and just like the first time. (why sound like a lover's confession? =.=") Perhaps, we are each others' lover when we are still available. hahahah.On this day, I have no special gift for u, but I would like to give you my Best wishes with 101% sincerity.The hatred, the love, the tears that we shed, the laugh that we shared, I wish it will become one of your wonderful memories and be your dearest company in your future. Sorry for any mistakes that I have done or something that annoyed you, made you angry and getting more whitehair. You know, I did not mean it (hahahaha). And sorry again for not able to celebrate you special day with you (while we have done it for the past 5 years). I miss every moments we shared together and I really hope to you very soon.
Lastly, Happy Birthday to the one that often calls me "ah ma Kong"
May God bless you abundantly and shower you with tremendous love. 
Cheers! Love ya~~~
The "V" girl
very good in posing. 
cant recall when was this. hahaha.when ar?
i know you are a selfie-queen and this is one of your fav ones. ;)
Still remember the cupcakes? hahahah
Love this even though I looked fatigue here.hahaah
This was taken when my hair was short and it was still hot. I know you are pretty lar and you know it. 

wish to travel with you again and eat superb food!
the always "thumb up"girl

Friday, March 20, 2015


These days, I hv no more thinking about you. I am happier than before and I am back!

I wish I will always be happy.....

I am back to,

FANGIRLING. Lolx. Currently, is attracted to a national badminton player which game in men doubles. I just watched his match last week and wish to see him playing more (Malaysia Open 31 March).Hope one day, I will have the chance to watch him playing live and take a pic with him. ^_^. #tanweekiong

Left: Tan Wee Kiong Right: Goh V Shem



Second thing is....... I need to cut down my weight!>.<'. Dun be mad, I know am thin =P, but I have fat aka calories to burn. Looking at my tummy seriously makes me sad and worried about myself. Feeling discomfortable with the "buncit" and guess what,  I no more need my belt each time wearing jeans and pants! Oh my~~~This is really SURPRISING me! How could I gained so much weight in a short time!!!!! >.<"... Okay, to solve this answer, I need to work out, no, FORCE myself to work out!!!And....this is DISCIPLINARY. Training myself to work hard, persistant and NEVER GIVE UP. #nomorebellyfat



Lastly, I want to be a better me. I want to invest myself and LOVE myself more than everyone does. Thank you God for blessing me and sometimes, I think YOU have gave me more than I deservd. Thank You and may God bless ALL the good people in the world. Protect them and Love them. #grateful#positive






Wednesday, March 4, 2015


i have had enough of letting myself down because of you. I have had enough of heartbreaking that makes me feeling like dying. And i have had enough to please you.


As days passed, i realised how foolish was I. Putting so much trust on you and you and you and you, broke it. I have had enough of this stupid thinking. Thinking that  maybe I might nt good enough for you, but instead, I am much better than you in every thing i do. God let us meet, but maybe never ask us to fall for each other, or maybe, you never fall into this trap. and yes, I did. Thank you for everything and I will erase your name in my life. For me, no one will have the privilege to stay. I tried to convince myself that everything can be back to normal but no. A BIG NO!!!!So, I will just end it and goodbye.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Hi 2015

I think this is a late new year greeting frm me. haha. but its ok. i still wishing all the best for the new year. and as usual, this is the place that i like to throw up all my unsatisfaction and all the negative feelings. but i really hope that, this year, i will write more about the good and happiness.

Early of the February, I finally gt my first posting  and when i was informed the place, i was totally in confuse. But with the blessings, I have settled down and still trying to adapt to the new environment. I hv met nice people who hv lent their helpful hands in guiding me and to ease my feelings with this strange and new environment. I know there are people who are facing the same situations with me and also people who even gt to encounter worst than me. and am always trying to convince myself that everything will be fine and i always believe He have a great plan for me ahead. 

Stepping into my new stage of life, i realised that life is always unpredictable fulled with challenges and sometimes, you have to make "emergency break" to stop or pause, to look back or maybe hv to be more conscious on the next step. that's y, we often take a long time to think and make careful decisions. however, i also noticed that, i dun have much time to do that, as years by years, i have to pursue the things that i want, the dream that i dream while am capable to do it. I always tell my dad, if its not now, when? yes, if not now, when? so, do when u can do, and trying to leave ur life with little regrets.

Relationship. I think I am not in my best time right now to find my soul mate. I have other priorities than this. It is time to give myself a break, a holidays to enjoy my single life. Single doesnt make you lonely but over thinking will. so, always remember our family and the Almighty. Always be grateful and try to avoid yourself from getting the feelings of hatreds, jealousy and evilness. Life is short and live it to the fullest. i might not be the prettiest, the ladiest,  the cutest, the speakers but i am always who i am. 

i think it is not too late to wish all my readers a very Happy New year And Happy Chinese New Year. May God bless always.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014



Tuesday, September 9, 2014







Friday, August 22, 2014

The Years

The years that I have gone through, neither too easy nor too hard.
All this while, I think am a strong girl, in and out.
Certainly, there were times where things or ppl around me really put me down.
But, eventually, I was able to stand up and said "What the hell is this? I am strong girl. I no need things to put me down, I mean, there is nothing to stop me."
However, deep inside my heart, I wish I am REALLY A STRONG GIRL.
Things turned up like far beyond my expectation.
I was too arrogant that I think I was able to get through or gain everything that I wanted in my life.
But LIFE seemed  not to be defined in this way.
The years that I have spent, the works that I done, the efforts that I paid , the joy that I gained and the tears that I shed suddenly meant nothing to me at this moment.
Maybe you will ask me why? I have come to this far and only left few months to go. I am conscious about the situation. I know I shouldn't give up. I know. Rationally thinking, I know what should I do after this. But, the disappointment and grief  are things that I couldn't bear. I am ashamed with myself. I blamed no one but myself. My heart is now taking over my brain. I can't think properly. I am totally in LOST!
Reflection, reflection and endless of reflection. I am not the best but honestly speaking I am not the worst as well. Thanks God, there is another chance, the LAST CHANCE for me to change everything. I wish to get myself back soon. And I really WISH for that!
I am just a human. I bleed whenever I fall down.
and I am praying to GOD that, keep giving me strength and wisdom to continue this journey, now and forever.