Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The continuum

Let's create beautiful moments.
To be our last memory of the month.
Praying for tomorrow.
Wish everything go well.
 #God bless. :)

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Still Thinking

Morning Everyone! And Happy Blessed Sunday!

Just gt up from my bed.

I just realised that I have slept for 9 hours! Oh My!!!

Am not that tired actually. I thk I just like to sleep. hehehe..

But few a little bit regret because sleeping too much will eventually make me feel lazy.

And the consequences is Never finish my work on time...Haihhhh *pulling hair*

Anyway, it's ok. It's Sunday. The only day when I can relax and throw my stress away due to the school work. Yeahhhoooooo

So, I am still thinking, what should I give to my pupils. (since am going to left them next week) 

A pair of socks?

A handkerchief?

A card?



#It should be simple but I want something extraordinary for them. Dislike myself sometimes~~~

Wish I can gt back my CAMERA now! I need it!

A girl who wants something extraordinary. Just because she belief that everyone is unique.

Saturday, April 20, 2013









# Yesterday, I taught my pupils on how to make candy sandwiches, since the topic of the week was "Delicious Food". Wow! It's awesome! They liked it and kept asking me to do again next time..And I was too excited and accidentally told them that I am not going to teach them anymore. Then, they silent and looked at me seriously. And I knw it....quickly, I said to them : "Nda bha, cikgu gurau je..ehehhe". Then , they went like : "ohhhh..." hahahah..Kids, I love you all! 

Credit to Apis for his creative idea...hehehe...

Aiya!Shouldn't  talk too much Malay!!!!I am an English teacher bha!!!!!*pulling hair*

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I need You, God.

I need You, God.
To give me strength, a strong heart , a healthy body and mind.

I need You, God.
Please open my eyes and ears to see and listen better things clear.
Do not let jealousy, hatred, and arrogance blinded my heart and mind.
Guide me to the right path.
Prove to me that I am wrong and show me that I am right sometimes.

I need You, God.
People may not see what I have done, But, I believe in You, God.
You will always be there.
You see.
You know, understand how fear I am. The other side of "me" who resided in my body. Who hardly reveal herself in front of people. Only You, God. Can see through. The One who always be there for me.

GOD, I am praying to You.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

In this life

In this life, we must know,
there are some people who like you, and some are not.

In this life, we must understand,
why they like and why they don't.

In this world, People are meant to change.
So, why should we care about all these?
So, why should we laugh and cry over all these?
Then, after awhile, I stopped and looked back.
There's nothing but just a fool playing with her own shadow. 
The long, and lonely journey.
Shall I? 

Friday, April 12, 2013

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


I still remember one of my lecturer told me that, when we are out for teaching, do not feel disheartening easily. 
well, just wait and see.

#Sleeping x -1000000.deprived

Hope I can BEAR with it....3 more weeks!!Fighting~~

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Granted a Wish?

I wish I could have the courage to say what I wanted to tell. 
I wish I could turn the time back. 

#Feeling dizzy, need to sleep!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hopes & Expectations.

Finally, the month has came. Welcome April! Please be nice to me! hehe.
I have started my very first day of my very first practicum yesterday.
I was excited at first but it pulled me down after all.
I was given the timetable and I saw my class, 2I. I thought it was an advanced class but things turned out to be messy to me.
As I entered the class, the students were like speaking "Cikgu baru, cikgu baru...." Oh my, they are speaking in BM. Okay, never mind, just the beginning. Then I proceed with self-introduction. Seriously, their level are out of my expectation. And now I know, my class, 2I a bit better. Then, I have headache. I stunned when I went back to my room.  I was blur. I was lost. Ok, then, I tried to think back...only after I rested a while.

Today, I have my second day with my students. 
Ok, since I have set some classroom rules. So I decided to make it a chant so that my students can remember it easily. I also taught them some actions. But, a little disappointment to me. Some of them, don't understand!!!Erghhh...felt like wana pull my hair!!!But, I tried to keep my self calm and act normal. As teaching itself, is a job of being patient, patient and patient! So, I explained and demonstrated to them over and over again. And lastly, some of them can remember! Yeah...although only some. But, little achievement from them is a big pleasure for me.~~So, I asked them to paste the chant on their activity books. I wanted them to read and remember as well as chant it to me every lesson. Then, they know my rules well! Aha-~~~that's my hope. I hope they know and learn to respect me as their teacher.
hurmmm..Honestly, I don not dare to put high expectations on them since the first day experience. So, what I did is lower my expectations! Aha.....the only way out I think..hehehe...well, I should start something simple, I mean very very simple!!! And one more, I tried not to speak in BM, but they seemed not understand what I said in English!!Oh My, heart attack! Fine, then I will just do translation when it is needed.Other than,I will just speak in English, whatever~~~If I speak in BM all the times, they won't learn and they are not learning English language obviously!!!Haha~~ reflection= Do best for your students. They love to learn new things at nature. And plan to start my first lesson tomorrow. *3 periods* Oh my~~~Sabar geng!
That's all for today...and Wish me Luck..and Fighting everyone!

*My hp---huhu...*