Monday, October 15, 2012

BIG IV~Program Anak Angkat. * I call her mummy. :)

I just done with BIG Phase IV. The program is called Anak Angkat. I did it at Kg. Banjar, Keningau. I have 10 siblings including other 4 adik angkat. Hehe. 3D2N. We felt so shy and difficult to move at first. We have no idea on what to call her. At last, we call her "mummy". Yeah, seriously. It was so awkward. But soon after, the awkwardness began to lost. I love my family angkat. Or I should say my family. We are really like a family where my mummy takes care of us very well. I learnt a lot from her and she is bit talkative which can break the silence and uneasiness between us. My little brother, Asyraf. My little sister, Fazlina or Nina.and My mummy, Hasmi.

What a lovely family. Although we only spent few days at there, but I can feel how close and how love I have them all. They are not really wealthy but their love is worth than anything. On the last day, my mummy cried. Ohhhhh, my muummy, You are being so lovely. I never know that we meant so much to you. I apologise for everything. If I have more time, I am sure I can do better and do more for you. Mummy, please don't cry. We surely will meet one day. We won't forget the promise we made. Hari Raya Haji, is comingggg....ngeeee......

My family angkat *the little girl in peace-the girl nextdoor.haha

Left to right : Daya, Asyraf, Nina and Rhodeon. ^_^

The neighbors

My mummy. <3 b="b">

My brothers : Teo and Rhodeon

On the way to KG.BANJAR *nervous*kunun

The ladies. *Smile*Like this


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