Monday, October 21, 2013

And then, here the story goes.....

We need to sacrify to get something.
As for a relationship, we need to get hurt at first, then we will only learn and know how to become a better person, probably, it teaches us the real meaning of love.

I met a lot of ppl in my life. Boys and girls, men and women. They all are so different and unique on their own ways. And sometimes, I do not understand  their doings but most of the time, I learn from them. 

I see how funny our lives can be, how cruel the reality can be and how strong are we to cope and endure all these things. 

To all my friends,
Please stay strong until the end of the world.
Please remember the one who cares about you, and love you.
Please keep in mind that, there are so many things outside there that are more worth for you to chase after.
If we had a dream, and we know that it might not come true, then change the dream.

No one is going to die without someone.
They come and touched our lives for some reasons which we might not able to see it now. I believe, one day, when we reach to a point, we will only aware of all the ideas behind these and all we can do is just smile.

It hits my mind when I know the truth, *I hope it's the truth.
I am nt sure of the feelings that I have now. But somehow, I feel like I was being treated like a fool.
A fool that overconfident all over herself.
A fool that always believes that nothing is going to happen and things will remain the same.

I duno what you thk all this while, but to me, you are a good friend and I appreciate it. Things change and do humans.  

Just come and go.
 Hi and bye. 
That's how life goes. 
At the end, who will be waiting there?
I also don't know (=.=".......)

Alright, enough for tonight. 
Gonna spend more time on study. *seriously, I have been wasting time like hell!*



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