Wednesday, March 4, 2015


i have had enough of letting myself down because of you. I have had enough of heartbreaking that makes me feeling like dying. And i have had enough to please you.


As days passed, i realised how foolish was I. Putting so much trust on you and you and you and you, broke it. I have had enough of this stupid thinking. Thinking that  maybe I might nt good enough for you, but instead, I am much better than you in every thing i do. God let us meet, but maybe never ask us to fall for each other, or maybe, you never fall into this trap. and yes, I did. Thank you for everything and I will erase your name in my life. For me, no one will have the privilege to stay. I tried to convince myself that everything can be back to normal but no. A BIG NO!!!!So, I will just end it and goodbye.