Saturday, May 4, 2013

2+2=???opsss..nt gyiyomi! is 4!

Hello~~It has been awhile I din update my blog.
Finally, the month has passed and let's us welcome the new month~May.
during the last month, I had gone through countless of experiences which made numerous first time for me.

For the first time, I joined "English Language Public Speaking" in KL. (wa, so far away~). I went with my friend and my beloved lecturer. It was a national stage of competition and had met alot of ppl there. It was a great experience for me even though I did not get any place. But, a big clap for my friend as she appeared to be the second winner of the contest. She deserved it. =) Congrats!
Take a shoot before the competition. *nervous*

my pren. Jenny...confident nya~~hehe

this is me..hahaha

during impromptu speech, "Honesty is the best policy"

with all the contestants

Me, Miss Nab and Jenny

with the judges, left: Mdm.Vasantha, and Mdm. Doreen



the Golden Bow.

guess where was I at.hehehe

First time taking train..uhuhu...nice. were so excited huh?hahha airport...

Chocolate...My fav,always

in the flight..mau juga ambil gambar..haih.. :P

Roti it..

Nasi lemak with super big fried chicken. See!We managed to finish it all..wahahha

We always love to eat. hehee

waiting for our turns..

Second time of the first time, I became the emcee for "English Spelling Competition" in my school and again, it was a district level event. At first, I felt okay but I was nervous as the event started.And lastly, I din even know hw was my performance and just left the school. So not dare to hear any comments. 

And, I was so lucky that to have the chance to join the "Mini Symposium" which organised by the British Council under the English Language Teaching Development Programme, ELTDP. I gained a lot of ideas in teaching the language. I also had the opportunity to learn Murut language. It was fun! Apart from that, there was also mini exhibition on English activities that held in schools. The teachers are so creative and have put a lot of efforts in making learning the language interesting to pupils. 
Headmasters & teachers

our lunch..nice rite?hehe


us again...with miss susan..:D

it's me in our new batik..hehe

A bless indeed

some of the teachers' work for their pupils.

I like this idea...hurmm..should try it next time..heheh

Dun know what to write already. So many things wanted to share. Its ok! Let's the pictures speak for me...ahahah #dasar org malas~~
Overall, I had met great ppl, beautiful things and no doubt, It was a challenging and yet fruitful month for me. Thanks God.

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