Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Excuses? Reasons?

Everything that we do, we do have a reason for it.
But sometime,more often, we always find thousands of reasons to do something.
I mean, excuses.

Is it difficult to ADMIT that we are WRONG?
Do we really need to THE WINNER of every time's ARGUMENTS ?
Do we UNDERSTAND what the real situation is?
Do we really do our best to avoid any HURT feelings towards anyone?
Do we THINK about our parents, our God before we act or say something?
And do you believe in Karma?

Yes, I do believe. I am a Buddhist and I believe. But what influences me the most is that I do see Karma happens everyday in everyone around me, including myself. Buddhist believe that every actions we do, it will affects others, especially our family. It is bond and linked well. So, never underestimate the power of our words and acts. I admit, I am just a normal person who do mistakes like others. But, there are some principles that grounded in me and I always hold into it.

I understand every individual has his/her own personalities and ways of lives.However, in certain aspects,what we normally will do or should do, or what we call "common sense" things, we do expect others to do the same. And I coined it as The rules of life

1. Respect others. No matter who we are, where we at, or how close we to a person, never ever try to manipulate them. Especially, the elders, our teachers, our friends and etc. 

2. Play smart. Frankly speaking, people nowadays, in order to survive, need to play smart.No matter how nice you are to others, there is always a "devil" tries to kill you. You do nothing wrong, but still you are summoned for some faults. Silly isn't? I have seen many alike cases happened in my live. And I am one of the victims. Play smart, think fast to protect ourselves. People are good in masking up themselves in any cases. So, do not let ourselves get into unreasonable troubles.

3. As we grow up, we learn. Although, people say that AGE is just a number and it does not show our maturity, over the years, certainly, we went through countless lives incidents and gained experiences. With this, at least, we learn something from our past. I wonder why some people are still unable to think maturely? At least, matured than before. Why they are still act like a Form 5 student? Why they never think of others? Come on, we are the teachers-to-be, don't we think that its time for us to change? To be a real teacher?

4. We mean what we said. Word is one of the powerful weapons in this world. So, watch over our words. The responsibility is there. Maybe we just try to pull someone's legs, but, things may turn out bad to the receiver. It is hurt enough to make you cry. But you have no one to blame coz you want to maintain the relationship right? Especially someone who is close to you and difficult to understand people's feelings. That's is difficult.

5.  Nothing is free in this world. Want something? Try hard, work hard and dun give up easily. If just saying that you want this and that without actions, then you are simply dreaming and it never come true.

6. Behave well. I mean, do what we are supposed to do. As we realised that there are no more sayings that I just do what I like. I don't care. It's not your business. Well, try it and will see the consequences are more than we could imagine. Don't believe? Just try la....You are just making others suffering and you gonna eat yourselves in some other times. Please la, really2 irresponsible, you know? I mean, common sense and you act like you are right and nothing to sorry for. 

#Disappointed and hope for a better change. 
 Pray & don't give up# 

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