Friday, September 6, 2013

Beyond the chalkboard.

The practical is almost come to the end.

I am still having complicated relationship with teaching.

Sometimes, I do love teaching but sometimes don't.

I love because I enjoyed every moment when my kids learn some thing new.

I love because I know I can help them to improve or to alter their lives.

I love because I see the classroom is a teaching lab for me to carry out all those pedagogical hypothesis. 

I love just the way how my teachers love me always.

Until today, I still remember how my teachers used to teach me, guide me and help me. The way they nurturing me might different from what educators doing nowadays, but what I learnt, I learnt it by heart. 

Thank you teacher.



However, I felt demotivated at times because somethings just could extinguish your teaching excitement.


Clerical work=>overload.

Educational policies=>keep on changing

Resources/materials(trainees)=>lacking/not comprehensive


So far, that are the reasons why I don't like teaching sometimes, especially the first one. I personally believe that teachers should not be asked to do so much clerical work as the core role is to teach. And, I hope the authority would take some initiative to reduce the burden placed on the teachers. By then, we can have more flexible time to teach and thus improve the quality of students' learning.

 The significance of a teacher did not show through how much they should do for the children but it is about what we can do beyond the chalkboard.



Anyway, I should keep my love to teaching more than the "dis-likeness". #positivethinking# and I believe I can!! Fighting!!

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