Monday, February 24, 2014


Sometime, I just like to keep silent.
It does not mean that I am rude.
I just want to peace myself from this hectic life,at least, a while.

Can't you see am forcing myself to smile and give response to you?
Can't you see it?
Don't say it.
I believe you nvr realise it.
you only care for yourself.
I know this is the way how you bring yourself in front of ppl, including me.
Don't give me dumb excuses like " I only act like this infront of you."
So what?
Do I have to gv you like " awww, really? " what do you expect?

I know , I know.
But did you know about me?
My feelings?
Ever thought about how your words, your actions affect someone's feelings?
Please be matured and grown up.
I am tired for being treating you like a kid.
I don't spoil ppl, for your information.
When I am nice to you, please appreciate.
And when I don't, I mean it.
I have the limits. As you knw it. and you shud know it now!

I don't like holding grudge towards someone.That's not me. But please,
respect others, like how you respect yourself.

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