Monday, February 23, 2015

Hi 2015

I think this is a late new year greeting frm me. haha. but its ok. i still wishing all the best for the new year. and as usual, this is the place that i like to throw up all my unsatisfaction and all the negative feelings. but i really hope that, this year, i will write more about the good and happiness.

Early of the February, I finally gt my first posting  and when i was informed the place, i was totally in confuse. But with the blessings, I have settled down and still trying to adapt to the new environment. I hv met nice people who hv lent their helpful hands in guiding me and to ease my feelings with this strange and new environment. I know there are people who are facing the same situations with me and also people who even gt to encounter worst than me. and am always trying to convince myself that everything will be fine and i always believe He have a great plan for me ahead. 

Stepping into my new stage of life, i realised that life is always unpredictable fulled with challenges and sometimes, you have to make "emergency break" to stop or pause, to look back or maybe hv to be more conscious on the next step. that's y, we often take a long time to think and make careful decisions. however, i also noticed that, i dun have much time to do that, as years by years, i have to pursue the things that i want, the dream that i dream while am capable to do it. I always tell my dad, if its not now, when? yes, if not now, when? so, do when u can do, and trying to leave ur life with little regrets.

Relationship. I think I am not in my best time right now to find my soul mate. I have other priorities than this. It is time to give myself a break, a holidays to enjoy my single life. Single doesnt make you lonely but over thinking will. so, always remember our family and the Almighty. Always be grateful and try to avoid yourself from getting the feelings of hatreds, jealousy and evilness. Life is short and live it to the fullest. i might not be the prettiest, the ladiest,  the cutest, the speakers but i am always who i am. 

i think it is not too late to wish all my readers a very Happy New year And Happy Chinese New Year. May God bless always.

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