Thursday, July 19, 2012

God know better

yes, God know much better than us.

I saw ppl doing thing.

I always keep reminding myself not to judge people. (good or bad)


No body is flawless, BUT

I believe that we can, CAN, try our best to do something that is RIGHT~

So, here again, what do you mean by RIGHT?

Now then the conflicts start.

I really can't understand, and have no idea to define what is a good person means?

So much work and so much things to be done.

Along the weeks,my eyes are opened as well as my mind.

I have learn something far beyond what other people can see. Perhaps, they saw it too.

I realise that people have two sides, that is bad and good. Me too. 

and when ppl are nice to u, they are really nice.

But, when they turn into the other side, they are desperately scary~

I dun know why we must like this.

But as far as I concern,

My bad side is yet to reveal. Just that, I knw what is the situation, and I dun wan to get myself into troubles.

I am trying to control and keep God's words in heart. That is GOD KNOW BETTER THAN US.


when ppl are angry at me, 

when ppl are talking bad about me,

when ppl are angry over triffle,

when ppl are talking bad about someone.

I just HEAR and IGNORE.

sometimes, I wonder alot about these nonsense things.

Now then, I realise, it is a must and a past and parcel of life. Isn't?

When there is no way out, love is the only way.

I dun like to hate ppl, UNLESS ppl make me hate them on purpose.

I dun like to talk bad or big mouth about ppl, coz I believe it is a wasting of time.

Yet, not everyone is like that.

We need to accept the differences exit among ourselves, INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES.

Everyone is unique in their own way.So. do I.

As I grow older,

Life is seems to be more and more complicated.

Sometimes, it is just so difficult to define "Happiness" in our lives.


We are too greedy. We want more, more and more.

I admit that at times, I am like that too.

But, am glad that, I am getting improve.

My emotions, My feelings,

Should control and hide.

But when I can take it no more longer, I must find something to do.(making handicraft, jogging, and bla3....)

something that I like to do with.

I have nobody.


I am going to educate ppl.


this is for the teachers out there and teachers-to-be,

Just bear in mind, 

"How are we going to educate ppl, if we can't educate ourselves?"


Every human is selfish, so do I.

BUt, we must know how to look at the condition.

Do think twice before we speak and act.

I thk we have forgotten that the words that we speak and action that we take will bring changes to the ppl surround us.(positive or negative)


I know there are ppl who don't like me too.

But I am just me,

I just follow the rules.

Yeah, I am "skema"

but what's wrong?

Am here to study , to gain knowledge and experiences.

and the most important is I just starting to learn about HUMAN.

So scary, yet so nice.

I just try my best to grab any chance to learn something new.

I used to be a coward in the class,

I used to be shy.


I wana try.

I wana change.

I dun want to spend my 5 and half yrs without nth to get at the end.

AM ambitious, I know.

Maybe ppl will say me "MINTA PUJI"



I dun understand why ppl keep complaining others while they are also having the same flaws too.


I never say that am good nor bad.

I just like to being myself.

I just try, try and try.


God is fair.

I believe.


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