Sunday, July 1, 2012


I really want to hold my words from "bursting" out from my mouth.

But this time, I really2 dun have any idea and reason to hold it anymore.

This college is sick!

I dun wana say it, but

I cnt accept it,

how come a college cnt have the basic facilities? No electricity, broken plugs, water shortage, no wireless connection...........

Oh Man! 

How they can expect us to excel in our study under such a condition.

Yeah, I knw,

maybe certain ppl will thk that these all are nt a big problems with them, but for me, they are! 

For example, during assignment "peak" hours, we really need "current" bha~~haih...


and sometimes, the action is not taken. I dun knw la~~Tired of this things already. Anyway, I still have another 2yrs to go. Really wish that everything will be fine, Really FINE~~~

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