Monday, November 5, 2012


I think I did not do well for the paper.
I was blank and I was lost.
Sitting in the exam hall,
Looking at the question paper,
I felt like want to cry,
Oh No,
I mean, 
I really wanted to cry.
This feeling  resembled me when I was in my secondary school.
I used to be like that.
I cry,
If I did not do well in exam.
I cry,
If I did not manage to score high mark.
I cry,
If my result drops.
And now,
I cry again.
Just because I feel guilty to myself. What more, to my family.
I believe I can do better.
But I was too confident with myself.
I did my part 
I cannot do anythg else,
after the exam is over.
The only thing I can do,
Just pray hard to God.
Only God know how I feel,
How much I have endured all this while,
How much I pay for it.
I did not ask for many,
I just want to gain, 
What deserved me the most,
What I deserve to be.
Only God know.


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