Sunday, April 21, 2013

Still Thinking

Morning Everyone! And Happy Blessed Sunday!

Just gt up from my bed.

I just realised that I have slept for 9 hours! Oh My!!!

Am not that tired actually. I thk I just like to sleep. hehehe..

But few a little bit regret because sleeping too much will eventually make me feel lazy.

And the consequences is Never finish my work on time...Haihhhh *pulling hair*

Anyway, it's ok. It's Sunday. The only day when I can relax and throw my stress away due to the school work. Yeahhhoooooo

So, I am still thinking, what should I give to my pupils. (since am going to left them next week) 

A pair of socks?

A handkerchief?

A card?



#It should be simple but I want something extraordinary for them. Dislike myself sometimes~~~

Wish I can gt back my CAMERA now! I need it!

A girl who wants something extraordinary. Just because she belief that everyone is unique.

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