Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I need You, God.

I need You, God.
To give me strength, a strong heart , a healthy body and mind.

I need You, God.
Please open my eyes and ears to see and listen better things clear.
Do not let jealousy, hatred, and arrogance blinded my heart and mind.
Guide me to the right path.
Prove to me that I am wrong and show me that I am right sometimes.

I need You, God.
People may not see what I have done, But, I believe in You, God.
You will always be there.
You see.
You know, understand how fear I am. The other side of "me" who resided in my body. Who hardly reveal herself in front of people. Only You, God. Can see through. The One who always be there for me.

GOD, I am praying to You.

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