Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hopes & Expectations.

Finally, the month has came. Welcome April! Please be nice to me! hehe.
I have started my very first day of my very first practicum yesterday.
I was excited at first but it pulled me down after all.
I was given the timetable and I saw my class, 2I. I thought it was an advanced class but things turned out to be messy to me.
As I entered the class, the students were like speaking "Cikgu baru, cikgu baru...." Oh my, they are speaking in BM. Okay, never mind, just the beginning. Then I proceed with self-introduction. Seriously, their level are out of my expectation. And now I know, my class, 2I a bit better. Then, I have headache. I stunned when I went back to my room.  I was blur. I was lost. Ok, then, I tried to think back...only after I rested a while.

Today, I have my second day with my students. 
Ok, since I have set some classroom rules. So I decided to make it a chant so that my students can remember it easily. I also taught them some actions. But, a little disappointment to me. Some of them, don't understand!!!Erghhh...felt like wana pull my hair!!!But, I tried to keep my self calm and act normal. As teaching itself, is a job of being patient, patient and patient! So, I explained and demonstrated to them over and over again. And lastly, some of them can remember! Yeah...although only some. But, little achievement from them is a big pleasure for me.~~So, I asked them to paste the chant on their activity books. I wanted them to read and remember as well as chant it to me every lesson. Then, they know my rules well! Aha-~~~that's my hope. I hope they know and learn to respect me as their teacher.
hurmmm..Honestly, I don not dare to put high expectations on them since the first day experience. So, what I did is lower my expectations! Aha.....the only way out I think..hehehe...well, I should start something simple, I mean very very simple!!! And one more, I tried not to speak in BM, but they seemed not understand what I said in English!!Oh My, heart attack! Fine, then I will just do translation when it is needed.Other than,I will just speak in English, whatever~~~If I speak in BM all the times, they won't learn and they are not learning English language obviously!!!Haha~~

Sooo...today reflection= Do best for your students. They love to learn new things at nature. And plan to start my first lesson tomorrow. *3 periods* Oh my~~~Sabar geng!
That's all for today...and Wish me Luck..and Fighting everyone!

*My hp---huhu...*

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