Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy happy new year!!!

Happy New Year to all! yeah, its 2014!and this is my first post of the year. It'd been awhile I din update my blog as I was away for my hols. Hahaha.Hols is meant for doing nothing and RELAX (awesome) well, at least I spent more quality time with my family esp with my dad.

Yes, its new year. Want to do some throwback?(feeling meeehhh). I thk I have lost some memories about 2013(the fact that am getting older*sigh) anyway, I have good time in 2013 even though encountered some conflicts. But well, it is a part of our lives. 

As the time passes, I realised I have grown up. I mean I have to. Although no big issues or cases happened in the past few years, those little and minor things have tought me a lot. 

As for 2014, the year of horse (ma year), I don't expect much on it. For me, a new year  means another chance for me to reflect on myself and do better in next time. Since it is the final year for my study, I believe that I need to work hard to the max and enjoy it to the fullest! hehehe

Thanks 2013 and thank you God for everything! For blessing and loving my family, me and my friends. 

A BIG BIG BIG THANK YOU!!! Being positive is always wonderful~~~It makes life less miserable. Be grateful for everything you have. Time do no wait and nth is eternal. Carpe diem. 

2014, ai ni yi shi. (love you forever).
Wishing that this year will continue be a good or better year for me.
 To my family and friends,
All all the best! and stay healthy (seriously)
always be happy~~^_^


~Have a nice weekends~

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