Sunday, January 19, 2014

Now then, I realised. Thank you.

I admit I thk a lot and it put me on bad mood sometimes.
But by thinking, am able to reflect esp on myself.

This year just started and I could sense the tense of the upcoming days.
Day by day, 
I learn something new.
Day by day,
I realise who they are.
Day by day,
I realise who I am.

and finally, I understand how things work.

We are forced to change. Nothing is going to be the same, like always. 
Things come and definitely will go someday.
I always think that we come to this world as a loner,
and will back to ground as lones as well.
So, I started not to care much. Believe me, the more you care, the more you get hurt. It nvr fail.
We are just human and we often forget that we are just human.
Don't expect too high on others, but yourself.
The most and only valuable asset that everyone possesses is himself/herself.
So, love ourselves more. Listen to our heart rather than ppl voice.

Now then I realised,
we are not the same anymore.
We argue, we fight, but all in silence.
You know what? Silence, in fact, is the loudest cry of a woman.

To make things look good, stay perfect. We choose to avoid telling our feelings, our thoughts. 
Because, its seemed so wrong to ruin the prefectioness. 
I know what I know, but I am not sure if am supposed to know.
And for sure, I have no ideas on others knowings as am not interested.
I miss the old me. When I totally could get myself out from all the rumours and gossips. 
The insensitivity towards others. That's part of me.

too much.

Ultimately, we are the one will get hurt. 


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