Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hey yo! I have something to SAY~~


I gt something to say,

to tell you guys that,


BUT nt really poor.


coz I believe, now, my English is better than last time.

Back then,

I was afraid to speak in English.

English was so alien to me.

I disliked it.

Speaking the language with countless of grammatical mistakes made me so embarrassed.



I am still a little bit to talk in English. In fact, am majoring in the language.


I do not really like grammar.

coz, my grammar still weak.

However, I started to develop my keenness in the language.

Time can change a person indeed. 

Preoccupied yourself with the language everyday really can make me start to believe that English is Fun actually. just then, we, most ppl do not get use to the language.

PPL are afraid to grammar.

so, DO I.


am struggling nw,

I dun really have the confident to stand my in front of the public and speaking English.

my confident is low.


that's y, most likely, when I am presenting in front, my voice will automatically goes down. and it makes the lecturers feel annoyed. really? Nonetheless, me myself also dun satisfy with my performance.

I thk Ii really need something to boost up my confident as well as PR. sigh~~someone plz to help me. at times, i feel so helpless and hopeless (what we call  emo). 

okay, next week gonna be a busy week.Our class is going to handle the English week. Lots of activities have been prepared and wish everything will go well. and hope that everyone can give their best efforts to make this program  a success.

May God Bless.

LASTLY, the result will be out soon.

THough, I have lost my eagerness, I still hoping that I can get satisfying result. Finger-crossing~~~



ps: maybe I should write more in English. hurmmm. *thinking

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