Friday, March 8, 2013

I always believe.

Recently, I feel that am nt in such a good mood or luck.

So many thg happened at one time.


I almost gv up.

I am tired.



I am strong to get over it.


Thx to God for supporting and guiding me all the time.

Life is like a roller coaster.

There are ups and downs.

No certainty. No guarantee.

That's true life, isn't it?


I am proud of myself.

I am not perfect.



Am getting stronger day by day, year by year.

I no need someone approval, I no need someone compliment, 

What meant to me the most,

I am who I am.


And again,

I believe, 

I always believe,

everything happens for a reason.

You may laugh out loud today,


You may cry  a river tomorrow.

That's LIFE.

A TRUE LIFE that never CHEAT.


Back then, I used to say that "My journey is still a long way to go."



I will say, "Life is short. With its sharp knife, time is killed without us knowing it."


what to worry?

Just grab the moment, seize the day!

#Btw, am busy with my college life now. Abundance of work and college's activities. Fuhhhhh...SEM.5!!!!#


Up coming events : Dramatisation

                                 Practicum Phrase I


Never look at the past, but the memory never fade away.

KL 2011



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