Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Day in KK

I spent my day by hanging out with my friends.hehe.girl, girl and boy boy.
It was super hot and very windy....our umbrella almost flew away...hahah...ccc.

oh ya, I bought my new kasut kuliah, and sandal...of coz...from my oni and fav. brand...Bata~~hehehe
I like it..I mean, I need shoes with reflexology function! ehehehe
Bata..owes my (feet) best companion~~tehee

I gt my new watch from Vincci@Padini..hehehe...So frustrating. I like to shop but it takes me lot of time..Am picky enuf till my frens owes complain to me..wahahah~XD

I ate a lot today....more than buying things..heheh...
Fist, we had our brunch at Japanese restaurant.
I ordered a bowl of rice...but am nt sure the name just call it "Japanese style nasi pataya" due to its similar appearance. with a layer of egg covers the rice..hehehe..but it tastes nice.
my frens oso ordered something interesting....I thk next time I oso want to try something different.

As we walked and and shopping ,
we felt hungry and eat again..hahaha...
I have Mango ABC,
and ma frens have choc.cake and chicken rice...hehheeh...
Jenny's..looked delicious..heheh

me today..heheh..see the guys behind? ma friends..

me and Ms. J..hehehe

am I cute?hahahah

This is what have happened to my camera~~sob2,....

our food!!!!

Am is a food hunter...I love to eat!!
my Japanese style nasi goreng pataya...Like it!

Saliva dropping~~

eating in a restaurant and facing the sea was such a good thing. but so sad, when I wanted to snap a picture, i found out that my baby-camera gt somthing wrong. The image was blur...and I thk the lens is sad, I just bought it last holiday....huhuu...what to do ler? then I need to burn another big hole in my pocket ler...hopefully it is not serious and nt pricey.....Crossing fingers...

I have a great day today.
Thx to my friends and new fren...
Hope to meet again...Take care. =)

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