Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Happy Holidays, peep! hehehe..it's nt too late to say that.
Anyway, Am doing great here. and....am ....nt back at home!! erghhhhhh......nvm, it's still ok.(blackout countless times in a day!).At least, I have time for myself.Eating, Shopping, Sleeping, Waatching dramassss...eheheh

4gt about the work first and stress first!
my mind is like a reminder. Keep reminding me not to 4get to do this and that. Ok, FINE!
Let's see what Have I Done these FEw Days~~~~


Gift from my cute fren during the Monito Sanito(exchange gift)

She said it is cute just like me..ehehee

My "weapon"..hahahhahah..looked organised huh?

I super like this...it is cute..and I can use it for my students~~~

yeah...I received it!It is a lovely postcard from Apis~~ehe....love it

Oh yeah~~I found my new hobby...Collecting postcards but I bought two sets of it.,,,hehehe

Another set....Just cute ^_^

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