Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Happiness~Blessed Christmas

Hello there.

It has been a while I din update my blog.


am busy with my princess-liked life.hahaha...just kidding.

anyway, am on my holidays and I love it very much.

Although some of my frens are worrying about the result,

am just act like cool....But, is jut LIKE.


am quite nervous too, but what to do?

I really dun want to think about the result, because I am ready for the worst.

I knw hw well or should I say how bad I did last sem?hahaha..anyway,I just dun want to stress myself up and seriously it will SPOIL my precious Holidays! hahahaha.....However, am still hoping that everything will go well and I still have the strength and confidence to move on after this semester.Next sem, will totally a big challenge for me.Honestly speaking, I have done little efforts for next sem. I mean, am nt fully ready.hehe...well, I always believe "WHATEVER WILL BE WILL BE"~~~hehe...God bless!

oh yeah, back to the topic. Tonight, there was a X'mas parade in town. And initially, I have no intention to go and watch but when I thought back, I should go since I have nothing to do at home..hahaha...and you guess what? Miracles happened to me. I saw not ony beautiful and sparkling Christmas trees but I saw her, him, and him.Haha..I was shocked but at the same time, I felt wanted to cry..Aigooo....I was just too touched about it.....Meeting them was too unexpected! hahaha......all of sudden, I felt like am the happiest person on the earth....hahahha.....I dun noe how to describe the feelings.. It just like seeing someone that ....ermmm..dun noe la...I thk my bestie ever saw my reaction....hahahha.....

Everything seemed like has been arranged and if I were not there, maybe I was just gt bored at home....And this little gift makes the night more meaningful and beautiful. Those adorable people, sweet moments, I appreciate a lot!  

p:s :I just realised that this post hasent been posted...oh my, I 4gt, I saved it in my draft...haha.ok, it's nt too late rite? Cheers! 

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